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Government of Canada on April 3, 2014 has announced a huge range of the most recent Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Immigration Program. Top 24 Occupations of 2013  associated more with the new 26 occupations  in total 50 occupations. The visa quota has been increased from 5000 of last year to 25000. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity, you can quickly become a proud citizen of Canada. 300 visas in each profession was given last year, but this year there are 1000 visas in every profession. Working with the FSW Program Immigration consultant in Bangladesh you will get Educational Credential Assessment, IELTS preparation, each stage of processing of files including One Stop Solution.

And the thing is, the Canadian government is going to change in the coming years from the current immigration procedures, which will be more difficult than it is now. So this is your last chance to apply for the current method.

This list can apply now almost all professions. BBA / MBA / Doctor / Engineer / university teachers / nurses – everyone. Having 3 years of professional experience, you can apply. See the complete list below:

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