Students Guide

For China:

Dear students,Parents & Associates it is to be informed that no part time jobs are available in China,As a students in China to search part time job or continue any business it is still now prohibited,Chinese Central Education Ministry has planed to be permitted to do part time jobs of foreign students 21 hours every week but it is still now under discussion.So be careful before published the law any students should not search any part time job or continue any job.A lot of Educational agency of the world some times they missed guide students that part time job available in China it’s just a propaganda.

For Japan:

The general case of studying in Japan begins with a student first enrolling for a Japanese Language course for at least six months in Bangladesh. Once this course is completed successfully the student gets an admission into a school or college in Japan where they need to study Japanese Language for another one or two year depending on their proficiency level in Japanese Language.